Here’s Why Sleeping In Your Undies Is Never A Good Idea

Society looks at people who don’t wear pajamas to bed as peculiar. As it turns out, however, those people may be the only ones who are being smart. Here’s why it’s okay to not wear underwear to bed.

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Many men and women don’t feel comfortable sleeping without pajamas on, let alone without any underwear. However, there are several good reasons to either go commando at night or change the type of underwear that you wear to bed. Here are just a few:

1. Underwear Can Cause Overheating

Clothing makes your temperature go up at night. High body temperatures reduce growth hormones. Therefore, you could actually be stunting your growth just by wearing clothes when you go to sleep. Furthermore, you can throw off your metabolism, which will cause you to gain weight. If those are not enough reasons not to wear clothes during your nighttime sleep, maybe you’ll think about the stress. Wearing clothes can bring unnecessary stress to you.

2. You Could Get An Infection – Especially As A Woman

Another reason that you may want to reconsider wearing underwear to bed is that you can get infections easily. If you already get frequent yeast infections, you should think about either not wearing underwear to bed or transitioning to granny panties. This will allow your private bits to breathe while you’re resting. Another tip for you if you are a woman is to change your underwear before you go to bed. You should not wear the same underwear to bed that you were all day. Making that quick change will reduce the possibility of you getting a yeast infection or vaginosis from bacteria.

If you’re a man, then you should wear loose-fitting underwear if you’re going to wear underwear to bed. Instead of the tight briefs, you may want to wear boxers that are a little roomy so that everything has a chance to breathe. That will reduce your possibility of getting a fungal infection.

3. Underwear Can Interrupt Your Sleep

Last but not least, wearing underwear to sleep reduces the amount of melatonin in your system. An inadequate amount of melatonin can severely affect your sleeping habits. To ensure that you experience a good night’s rest every night, you should consider ditching the underpants. Try it for one night. If you find it unbearable, then you can go back to your old way of sleeping. It’s worth a try to see if it has any positive effects on you.

Consider the tips mentioned above, and let the people who are closest to you know how they can preserve their health and wellness by ditching their undies and going to bed commando.