How To DIY A Spa-Like Bath Experience at Home

Looking forward to an hour or so of relaxation seems sometimes like it is a far-away dream. With all the responsibilities and multiple schedules that you have to juggle in any given day, it is no wonder that planning a day at the spa is nearly impossible. It can not only give you the same zen-like quality of a professional spa, but it has mental relaxation as well as physical benefits. Well, it can actually be a weekly reality if you follow a few easy steps to create your own spa experience at home.

1. Choose Your Type of Restorative Bath

In choosing your spa bath, ask yourself what your end goal is when it comes to your health. Is it focusing on just relaxation or is it more about restorative health measures to your body? So, contemplate your potential results and consider the following:

Whirlpool bath: The massage quality of jet sprays all over your body or focused on specific areas has benefits for people suffering from arthritis pain as well as muscle tension due to stress. This also includes the heated water which soothes muscles and helps with blood circulation.

Mud bath: Mud baths act as a rejuvenator for the skin as well as for the muscles. It envelops your skin and opens your pores to drink in the nutrients that are present in a mud paste. It also can help as a pain reliever and soothe wounds.

Aromatherapy bath: Choosing a soothing aroma to add to a warm bath has been shown to alleviate stress and slow down cognitive functions that help you to relax your mind for a period of time and alleviate stress brought on after a particularly active day.

2. Creating the Perfect Spa Bath

Whether it is for yourself, your spouse, or for a pre-bride spa experience to alleviate the nerves brought on by the big day that is around the corner, the simplest creation of a spa bath includes the following items:

    • Protein powder: for reduction of inflammation and detoxing
    • Incense sticks: aromatherapy for relaxing the mind
    • Flower petals: aesthetic element
    • Basil leaves: rejuvenation and effervescence
    • Rose crystals: balances love energy
    • Turquoise crystal: healing energy
    • Citrine crystal: gives energy to the solar plexus and navel chakras for aid in cognitive abilities 
    • Up to 2 cups of Epsom salt: regulates nerve, muscle, and heart functionality 

3. Directions

When the tub has been filled at least halfway with warm water, add the Epsom salt in a sweeping motion throughout the entire tub area. Follow this with several scoops of the protein powder.

When the bath water is filled to the top of the tub or as full as you choose, sprinkle the top of the water liberally with the flower petals and basil leaves.

Drop the separate crystals into the water and light the incense and set it either around the tub itself if it is large enough, or set it on an incense stand to the side of the tub somewhere in the spa space.

Step carefully into the spa bath. Gently submerge your head briefly to clear your energy and allow the elements of the spa bath to completely wash over you. Find the rose quartz crystal in the water, place it on your heart space, and repeat to yourself, “I believe in you” several times.

Finally, close your eyes, sit back, and enjoy your spa bath.

If you have experienced this type of DIY spa with some other elements that you have added, feel free to show your friends this article and add your opinion!