On Being A Pleaser: ‘People Pleasing’ Is For The Weak

You are undoubtedly familiar with the phrase people pleasing. The majority of people spend way to much time trying to please everyone simply because they want to feel accepted and wanted. The most important step you can take is to stop worrying about what everyone else wants and to start pleasing yourself.

You need to realize that your opinion of yourself is so much more important than theirs could ever be. The majority of people you could ask would tell you they are very familiar with the term people pleasing. Modern day society is bursting with people pleasers.

This has impacted the way people dress, how they talk, what they choose to reveal about their lives and every single decision they make. This is the result of people’s desire to be accepted and not judged by those around them. It is time to issue your letter of resignation and quit people pleasing.

Just imagine how different everyone’s lives would be if the pressure to conform to the correctness demanded by society were eliminated. Imagine how differently human beings would evolve if they could simply be exactly who they really are instead of navigating life by pretending to be someone else. It is time to stop giving the power over your life to other people. You need to give yourself permission to be here taking up space.

You need to stop saying yes when you hate something. Stop reaching out your hand to people who do not make you feel good when you are spending time around them. Stop trying to hide and make yourself appear smaller to suit the comfort level of someone else.

Do not allow people to continue crossing over your boundaries. Do not continue to remain silent because you are afraid to make any noise. You have to realize you are not the only one trying to live your life under the constant pressure to conform.

Start thinking your own thoughts and stop being afraid to say no. Say yes to everything that can make you happy. Surround yourself with people who make you feel empowered. Cut the toxic people from your life without any guilt. Wear what you like and tell the truth despite the people who are listening to your words. You were not made to dismiss yourself just to blend in.

You were not made to be used by others and be a tool for anyone except for yourself. You have the power to take control of your life. You are obligated to become everything you were always meant to be. Your power is there and you must first claim it and then defend it. It is time to stop pleasing everyone else and start pleasing yourself.

You may be one of the many individuals stuck in the mode of people pleasing. It is important you realize all the reasons why this must stop and hopefully this post has helped you to do so.

This post has the ability to help a lot of people if you discuss it with them and explain why it is so important. Please take just a moment to leave any comments you have an to express your opinion. The chances are excellent and you can make a difference.