Surprising Uses For Flour Outside The Kitchen In 12 Ways

Everybody has a bag of flour sitting in their pantry somewhere, but it’s one of those ingredients that doesn’t get used very often. However, there are a number of things that flour can be used for around the home that have nothing to do with cooking.

1. Ant Repellent

Flour is an effective deterrent for ants because the texture and taste disturbs them. It’s also cheaper and far safer than most store-bought chemical repellents.

2. Copper Polish

While copper is an excellent material for cookware, it tarnishes easily over time. However, with a blend of salt, vinegar, and flour, you can create a paste that will restore the shine by applying it to the surface, letting it dry, then rinsing it off.

3. Stainless Steel Buff

Stainless steel appliances are difficult to keep clean, and they can be even more difficult to clean without leaving streaks. However, raw flour on a clean, dry cloth can easily buff your steel appliances back to a new appearance.

4. Playing Card Cleaner

After a long night of poker, the deck might have picked up various oils from the player’s hands, especially if food is served. After the game, dump the cards into a plastic bag with some dry flour and shake the bag. The flour absorbs the oils, then you can simply wipe off the cards.

5. Acne Fighter

If you have a blemish, don’t pop it. Instead, mix some flour with honey to form a paste, then cover the pimple and apply a bandage. Honey works to kill the bacteria that caused the acne, and flour dries out the oil. Wear the mixture while you sleep for noticeable results in the morning.

6. Dry Shampoo

Since flour works to absorb oils, it works great to remove natural grease from your hair if you don’t have time for a shower. Store-bought dry shampoos do the same thing but at a much higher price.

7. Avocado Ripener

If you purchase an avocado before it is fully ripe, you can speed up the process by covering the avocado in a layer of flour before storing it in a paper bag on your counter overnight. It should be completely ripe when you take it out after 24 hours in the bag.

8. Magic Sand

Kids love to sculpt with colorful clays and doughs, but magic sand is the next step. You can make it by mixing one cup of mineral or baby oil with eight cups of flour. The result will feel like flour, but be fully moldable. Add food coloring if you like.

9. Non-Toxic Glue

While this glue isn’t particular powerful, it is ideal for kid’s crafts. Flour and water mixed together will make an efficient glue that is fully safe to eat.

10. Fabric Starch

You can use flour and water as a replacement for store-bought laundry starch. Simply boil a cup of water, then blend this boiling water with a cup of cool water that has been mixed with two tablespoons of flour.

11. Easy-Open Jars

Jars become more difficult to open over time, especially if they have been used frequently and repeatedly. However, if you coat the rim of the jar with a thin layer of flour before adding the lid, you’ll be able to avoid a stuck lid.

12. Garden Insects

Beyond ants, many other insects will avoid flour because of its powdery texture. This makes it an excellent method for protecting your garden from unwanted insects looking for a free meal.


Spread the word about this so others can learn too, and let us know if you have any of your own tips and tricks for using flour outside the kitchen!